Trade Digital Asset Derivatives With Us

Derivative contracts with no settlement. Leverage up to 20x. Lower fees. Instant and deterministic execution.

We have released ZUBR Exchange UAT beta for our pre-registered clients. It is running on a test environment with most of the production-like functionality already available for "paper" trading. You can experience our well-optimized APIs and try out our frontend beta.

ZUBR Trading Platform Overview

Our goal is to provide state of the art trading infrastructure to hedge funds, HFT traders and other parties who bear cryptocurrency price exposure risks as a part of their operational activity

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    No Rejects

    Instant order placement and confirmation, no overloads due to market volatility

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    PCI Security Standard grade hardware for private keys storage and transactions signing, access separation and permanent control of all backend activity

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    Narrow Spread

    No need to rush for a better position in the queue at the best price level

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    Strategic Location

    Reach us via cross-connect, get co-location or try out a virtual machine service at our London data center

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    No Market Manipulations

    Rely on ZUBR Index — your position will not get liquidated due to non-market prices on other exchanges

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    Attractive Fees

    No multi-layer discounts, the same fee structure for every client

Trading Terminal

Trade terminal preview

Fast and Reliable

No lags or delays. Immediate response. Stay in the game whatever the market volatility is.

Resource Efficient

Works great with any internet connection. Does not require extensive CPU resources.

Intelligent Orderbook

Intuitive and easy UI. You get a complete tool range to manage your open orders straight from the orderbook window.

Trade terminal preview

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